victoria cinemas

Victoria Cinemas

The VICTORIA cinema was built with the aim of offering the residents of the Prefecture of Larisa the ultimate cinema experience and also to meet the cultural and social needs of the Prefecture of Larisa with the multifaceted use of its halls.

Four amphitheater halls

Room 1, 105 people
Room 2, 113 people
Room 3, 212 people
Room 4, 261 people


  • Fully air-conditioned rooms.
  • Operation throughout the year.
  • Orthopedic, comfortable luxury seats.
  • Ample space between rows for greater functionality.
  • Unobstructed field of vision from all positions thanks to the amphitheater arrangement of the seats.


  • All spaces are designed to offer maximum comfort with a style that sharpens the senses of all guests.
  • All the materials and colors used for the construction and cladding offer comfort, rest and intimacy to the visitor's senses.


  • Possibility of showing the same film simultaneously in all three theaters.
  • Numbered seats in all halls according to the ticket.
  • Comfortable foyer - large capacity lobby.
  • Functional bar canteen for direct service to guests, organized to provide a variety of goods and staffed by qualified staff.
  • Possibility of booking seats via the internet.
  • Special lighting inside the halls during the projection for the safe arrival and departure of the audience (optical fibers).